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Caring Made Simple.

Kibage simplifies care with three integrated solutions

Kibage unites families together to reduce the cost of care while increasing the quality of care for a loved one. Kibage puts the power back into the hands of the family caregiver and brings families, professional caregivers, and remote monitoring together on the same platform. We help you with the smallest of tasks to the very complex 24/7 care.



Our Kibage Family app allows family caregivers to build their own network of friends & family to volunteer and help a loved one. When no one is available, Kibage's trained and vetted professionals can step in at any moment to help with a push of a button.


Our Kibage Care agency is focused on caring for clients that wish to live in their own home. We assign a client care manager to every client to ensure amazing service. With over 12 years of experience, Kibage Care can be trusted to care for loved ones of any age.


Our Kibage Remote app keeps the cost of care down while ensuring the safety of a loved one. Passive sensors informs you of the activity of a loved one. If activity is detected an alert is sent to you and Kibage. You may respond yourself or have Kibage respond.


The founders of Kibage and its team have decades of experience in the home care industry, developing and delivering software solutions, strong entrepreneurial spirit and experience, and personal experience of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease in their home. Kibage's biggest focus is to put the power back into the hands of the family caregiver.

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