Longing for a simpler life?

Kibage can help.


Schedule care, tasks, & rides

and Kibage handles the rest!

One Coordinated Home.

Kibage helps build a strong social community to get things done by letting you coordinate, manage, and reduce the costs of care, tasks, and rides. We eliminate the various middlemen while providing superior oversight, payment processing, and quality for every service that you receive. Most importantly, we allow you to include your own network of friends & family to volunteer and help.

Need Additional Help?

Kibage Plus is a premiere service of Kibage and assigns a care manager to help advise and coordinate the care of a loved one. Kibage Plus licenses specialized companies for the elderly and for all age groups with developmental disabilities to be your life line.

Explore More about Kibage Plus for Seniors

Explore More about Kibage Plus for People with Disabilities

How Kibage Works.

1. Friends and Family join Kibage to jointly care for a loved one.

2. Tasks can be created and assigned to one another so that everyone knows what is happening.

3. If a task cannot be done by a friend of family member, it may be easily assigned to Kibage for a fee.

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