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Professional Care

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All of the Professional Care Agencies in the Kibage Care Network have been thoroughly vetted and continuously monitored by Kibage to ensure exceptional service. Kibage supports all of our Care Agencies with 24/7/365 Care Coordinator support. Our Care Coordinators are first and foremost great caregivers. When (not if) an agencies caregiver gets sick or has a family emergency, the Care Coordinator steps in at a moments notice to be there to cover the shift. We've been doing this for more than a decade and are proud of our record of delivering consistent and dependable quality care to your love one.


All caregivers in the Kibage Care Network are valued employees that are background checked annually, trained and supervised by a care coordinator, and fully insured. We pay our caregivers well and provide them with PTO (Paid Time Off) and other benefits unheard of in the care industry. This is why we attract the very best caregivers.

In addition, all of our caregivers go through continuous online state-approved training using our integrated partner CareAcademy with their award-winning online training school for caregivers. With hundreds of courses in the curriculum, our caregivers are trained in the most up-to-date strategies and techniques when working with our clients.


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