Are you ready
to grow your business?

Kibage is your behind-the-scenes partner to help you grow.


The Kibage Care Network is a technology suite of tools for your managers, caregivers, and clients as well as unlimited access to highly qualified teams of specialists to help you run your business. Our specialists include business mentors, client lead generators, client sales closers, caregiver recruiters, caregiver managers, schedulers,  bookkeepers, accountants, and much more. By sharing operational, sales, and marketing costs with other agencies on the Kibage Care Network while at the same time keeping your brand and independence, your profit margins will soar.


Partnering is always a difficult decision. That's why we made it easy. You would just be joining the Kibage Care Network as an independent agency who maintains complete privacy protections from any other agency on the network. Yet, at the same time, you enjoy all of the benefits by sharing resources on a large network.

Work/Life Balance

When was the last time you took a vacation without being called constantly? With Kibage, we restore your work/life balance because we supply people in your area to help you with call off's, scheduling, onboarding new clients, and so much more.

More Sales & Stability

Kibage has a steady supply of good paying clients because we support family caregivers with our free app and have an amazing technology system for family and professional caregivers. Family caregivers account for more than 90% of all caregiving hours.

Increased Profits

Profitability will increase while your effort and stress dramatically decreases. We do this because we are doing this together. You are on a care network that is sharing operational resources, sales, and our collective wisdom of giving the best care to clients.

Stay Independent

Your brand, clients, caregivers, pricing are all yours. Kibage is a white label service that handles your operations and lets you focus on loving what you do. There are no long-term contracts and you may exit with your business at anytime.


In every business there are ebbs and flows. You get a new client, but don't have enough caregivers. You have enough caregivers, but don't have any new clients. This destroys businesses. The Kibage Care Network was built to smooth the waters of growth for its members. Kibage can supply extra caregivers to you for a few weeks while you onboard a new client, keep your staff busy with new clients that Kibage delivers to you, and much, much more.

Here is the path for how the process works for joining the Kibage Care Network:



After contracting to be on the Kibage Care Network, we'll do deep dive on assessing where you are on all of the key metrics for your business from profitability to caregiver retention rate and beyond.


Goal Setting

Kibage will then work with you to set goals and expectations on how you want to grow and how involved you want to be in the operational side of your business. Kibage's services are customizable.



You bring your caregivers and clients and Kibage supplies everything else. Kibage has all of the technology & resources to run your business. From scheduling to HR to client invoicing and more.



Once your clients and caregivers are fully onboarded, you will start enjoying the benefits of having a true partner to help grow your business and dramatically improve profits and your life.




Our process is simple. Just call 1-833-4-Kibage (1-833-454-2243) or chat with us by clicking on the "Let's Chat!" box on the lower right-hand side.