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She's safe, even when you're not there.

Kibage Remote uses sensors to lower costs and reduce stress

Kibage Remote reduces the cost of care while ensuring the safety of a loved one. It consists of passive sensors (we never use invasive cameras) that informs you of the activity of a loved one. If activity is detected, such as the front door open, an alert is sent to you and Kibage Professional Monitoring. You may respond yourself or have Kibage respond.



Kibage Remote believes sensors are just another tool for the family caregiver and never a replacement.


Kibage Remote will meet with you and provide a recommendation on what sensors to start with, how monitoring and notifications work, and options on when and under what circumstances you wish for Kibage Remote to respond to notifications.

Our goal is to reduce the high cost of direct care while keeping the very high standards needed to protect your loved one. Typically you can reduce the cost of direct care by as much as 75% while still having professional monitoring and access to on-demand professional care for wellness visits or phone calls.

The types of sensors displayed on the floor plan and in the list below are the typical types of sensors that a family starts with. Although there are literally hundreds of sensors to choose from depending up your need or concern.

Sensors for the Typical Household 


With Kibage Remote, you are not just buying a sensor that you could get at a hardware store and plug-in such as telling you when your mom is wandering around her house at 2:00am. After all, it would be you who would have to get out of bed when that happens to go check on her. Who wants that?

We combine the passive monitoring technology with notifying family caregivers (at the appropriate time) and, most importantly, choosing to have a Kibage caregiver pay a wellness visit or give her a call to make sure she's safe.

Kibage Remote allows you to pick and choose from dozens of different sensors and have a monitoring plan that you participate directly in when you want. So take the day shift and we'll cover the overnights to let you sleep. The best part of everything is that Kibage Remote handles all the installation and setup. You just need to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we have your back.



$199 per month

Our Family Starter Pack comes with everything you need to get started. Installation is done for free by a professional Kibage Remote installer in about an hour.


You may pick and choose from a variety of our core sensors. From door sensors for entry doors or for cabinets in the household to motion sensors that measures movement as well as temperature and whether is it light or dark in a room. Water leak sensors, emergency panic buttons, and dozens of others are also available to choose from.

Netvox Door.png
Netvox OTL.png


Our specialty sensors have even more options for you to be connected. Swap them out for equivalently priced sensors from the core sensor group to customize your package. From smoke alarms to Smart Plugs that can tell you if a coffee pot was left on so that you may remotely turn it off with your phone.

Netvox SmartPlug.png
GlobalSat Smoke and Heat.png


You receive one fully configured gateway. This is the heart of the system and all sensors communicate directly to the Smart Gateway. It has a battery backup and is connected directly to the internet via it's own cell service.



Rates as low as:

$5 per hour

All subscription monitoring & response plans include your access to monitor your loved one's home as well as your ability to share in responding to an alert. With our mobile and desktop view, you may see what is happening in real-time as well as a history of alerts that have occurred and the actions that were taken. 



You, your family, and friends can share in the responsibility of monitoring and responding to the alerts that occur in a loved one's home. Free with the purchase of any Kibage Remote Sensor package.


Kibage can also help out in monitoring specific days and times of the week while you get some much needed rest. If an alert comes, we will notify you if a response is needed. 


Kibage will also be available to respond should an alert be triggered on specific days and times of the week that you want. Depending upon the type of alert, Kibage's professional caregivers will call or visit your loved one to make sure everything is alright for an extra hourly charge. If there is a critical emergency, we will call 911 and make sure you are aware of the details.


To sign up for your free home assessment for Kibage Remote, please fill out the information below and we will contact you to confirm your visit time and to learn more about you so we may discover how Kibage Remote can help. Chat with us below or call us at 1-833-4-Kibage (1-833-454-2243) if you have any questions.

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